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SparTEC was formed in 2006 as a bespoke design solution for industrial applications. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength in the market and has a reputation second to none for innovation, commitment and product lifetime support. If your application requires that personal one-to-one aspect from concept to full production then SparTEC is the company for you.

Hardware Hardware development

SparTEC specialize in the whole development process of all sorts of hardware. This includes, electronic concept design, PCB layout, prototype design, metal work and label design and eventually PCB / product manufacture.

Software Software development

SparTEC also develops software, this can be in the form of firmware for electronics or PC based software to control said electronics. We speacialize in the following languages, C/C++, Microchip/CCS, LabVIEW, Visual Studio .NET.

Support Product support

We here at SparTEC pride ourselves with the customer support which we offer. You get a very one-to-one relationship, meaning that we treat every project individually. We will always be the first to correct any errors we may make in development.

Features Some of SparTEC's features.

Complete hardware development

From the beginning concept, through to prototyping all the way to manufacture.

Software development

Again, from the beginning design right up until the release version, as well as product support.

Customer support

A very one-to-one relationship as well as support for all of your projects.

Why choose us?

Learn why SparTEC is the company for you.


SparTEC will not be beaten on their innovative minds, the experience within the company coupled with the knowledge is an unbeatable package.

Spartec is a company that Since 2006,has manufactured bespoke data acquisition and control systems, end of line test systems, precision motor controllers and flight simulation technologies.

A small family run business, driven by a keen attention to total customer satisfaction. A lot of time is spent with customers (through phones, emails, instant messaging and meetings) to make sure they are completely happy with what is being produced for them.

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